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 * fix [ Bug #256826]

  • minor fixes in cache managers locking (ILock)
  • added RevertDialog

  • created RevisionNumber Widget

  • minor fix to text decorations of unknown resources
  • BazaarTeamProvider now uses a non-pessimistic rule factory, this fix a !IScheludingRule conflict during "project open"

  • refactored logic that check if a resource should be handled by the plugin into ResourceUtil.shouldHandle

  • fix Bug #252954 (LsCommand.getResources now only includes the queried resource if it's a project)

  • avoid collection the same resource more than once in SyncFileChangeListener

  • adds various IResource.isLinked checks to settle the road for support linked resources
  • fix HistoryPage so it uses the new HistoryTree widget

  • fix refresh (F5) in projects with the branch below the Workspace root
  • Move diff action from Team right-click menu to Compare With to match
  • Make icon background transparent.
  • adds basic merge support
  • avoid UI blocking in missing, log and push, also use of Jobs in all these commands
  • refactor of !IBzrResource hierarchy
  • project and folder support in revert command
  • fix handling of deleted resources (commit, status, etc)
  • fix ui -> core -> bzr-java-lib preference propagation

  • add client check/setup at core startup
  • version bump to 0.0.90
  • ComapreEditor's now refresh the comparsion when the "editable" side is changed and saved

  • imporvements in the CompareEditorInput and added a Saveable one

  • replaced command line backend with xmlrpc
  • various fixes/improvements related to java 5 idioms (Adrian Wilkins)
  • add author text field in commit dialog
  • allow resize and maximize commit dialog file list columns
  • RevertCommand now supports multiple branch

  • regroup some of the Team menu entries
  • fix orphaned decorators after closing a project
  • experimental locking to avoid multiple calls for the same resource/project branch
  • fix branch wizard (when to_location is outside the workspace)
  • status text decorations
  • "compare with current" action in HistoryPage

  • fix history tree column layouot data
  • improvements in decorators performance
  • various fixes and java related improvements
  • fix Bugs: #207480, #204174, #200608, #217646, #220922, #220978, #176828, #220923, #236886
  • added a cache for the inventory


  • added basic switch support
  • partial fix to Bug #195297
    • When a bzr command is executed outside eclipse, if F5 is pressed it will refresh the decorators. This only applies to one project per brancch layout (check the bug comments for further info)
  • fix Bug #195946
  • added bzr-eclipse logo to wizard pages
  • refactor of wizard page hierarchy
  • improvements in the "new wizard", now it provides a way to fire the default "New Project" wizard

  • fix some error handling problems in missing.
  • the location input dialog for missing now supports an empty location (like pull and push), which defaults to the parent.

  • fix Bug #164370 (diff missing first 5 lines)
  • added revision info in the uncommit dialog (fix Bug #163849)
  • Support whitespace in URI/directory at the "branch from..." wizard(fix Bug #164714)
  • fix a sync problem in BazaarHistoryPage

  • In revert, added refresh of parent folders (of reverted resources

  • Basic support for multiple projects in one branch. Support for branch root below project root (Bug #160902)

  • Integration with team "History View"
  • New refresh and "link with selection" buttons in the "Log View" (now only used for project level log)
  • Adds support for bzr+ssh URI scheme (thanks to Luis Arias!)
  • Adds a top level Bzr menu (via perspective customization), this allow execution of baazar actions via keyboard
  • Various other fixes to the console: default prefrences, command delimiter and output alignment
  • New "Annotate View" integrated with the "History View", which is a port of Subclipse Annotate View

In resume, fix: Bug #155398, Bug #160903, Bug #160905, Bug #160908, Bug #160909

  • Fix for Bug #160607
  • add error logging for unexpected exception in Actions
  • Fix fetching of push location in Push dialog

  • Added "Local commit" support in the Commit Dialog (Thanks to Luis Arias!)
  • Added "Push after commit" checkbox in the Commit dialog (Bug #154047)
  • Fix Bug #154045, Bug #157145 and Bug #158350
  • updated XMLLogParser to support bzr-xmloutput-0.2 log format.

  • Bug #154045 (support for bound branches)
  • Bug #154023 (Missing message in Push progress dialog)
  • Bug #154021 (Reverse ordering of revisions in Bazaar Log window)


  • Adds merge support in the LogView, now it displays merges in tree-like structure

  • fix to log machinery.
  • add error message for missing bzr-xmloutput
  • fix to avoid repeat the same error when bzr isn't configured properly
  • added auto open of the preference page if the plugin isn't configured properly
  • fix remember handling in pull/push dialog
  • Fix in property page, added filter for untracked projects


  • fix handling of parent location in push and pull dialog (using 'bzr info' related branches section)
  • add checkbox for remember option in pull and push dialog
  • some fixes in the status calculation (for decorators)
  • fix uncommit problem introduced in the previous build
  • Property page (only at Project level) to show the contents of 'bzr info


  • add basic 'bzr update' support
  • adds filtering of commands depending on resource status
  • improvements in the commit dialog


  • fix Bug #141538
  • fix some problems with status calculation and decorator refresh
  • fix problem in move/delete support with added files


  • Improved performance in decorators and now support Text decorations (revno last_author date)
  • new preference page to enable/disable Text decorators
  • Rename and Move/delete support
  • logView improvements (ported from mercurialeclipse)
  • more verbose errors (to ease the bug fix)
  • fix (confirmed) bugs


  • very simple pull and push implementation (before use this feature see Known bugs)
  • added a Browse button to "Branch as new project" wizard
  • compatibility with non-full-SDK versions (like "Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers")


  • some improvements in error handling and error dialogs
  • added a Browse button to "Branch as new project" wizard
  • Eclipse 3.3 compatibility


  • TODO: track changes in each version from the repository.