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Revision 1 as of 2008-01-12 21:13:00

Clear message

  • fix some error handling problems in missing.
  • the location input dialog for missing now supports an empty location (like pull and push), which defaults to the parent.

  • fix Bug #164370 (diff missing first 5 lines)
  • added revision info in the uncommit dialog (fix Bug #163849)
  • Support whitespace in URI/directory at the "branch from..." wizard(fix Bug #164714)
  • fix a sync problem in BazaarHistoryPage

  • In revert, added refresh of parent folders (of reverted resources

  • Basic support for multiple projects in one branch. Support for branch root below project root (Bug #160902)

  • Integration with team "History View"
  • New refresh and "link with selection" buttons in the "Log View" (now only used for project level log)
  • Adds support for bzr+ssh URI scheme (thanks to Luis Arias!)
  • Adds a top level Bzr menu (via perspective customization), this allow execution of baazar actions via keyboard
  • Various other fixes to the console: default prefrences, command delimiter and output alignment
  • New "Annotate View" integrated with the "History View", which is a port of Subclipse Annotate View

In resume, fix: Bug #155398, Bug #160903, Bug #160905, Bug #160908, Bug #160909

  • Fix for Bug #160607
  • add error logging for unexpected exception in Actions
  • Fix fetching of push location in Push dialog

  • Added "Local commit" support in the Commit Dialog (Thanks to Luis Arias!)
  • Added "Push after commit" checkbox in the Commit dialog (Bug #154047)
  • Fix Bug #154045, Bug #157145 and Bug #158350
  • updated XMLLogParser to support bzr-xmloutput-0.2 log format.

  • Bug #154045 (support for bound branches)
  • Bug #154023 (Missing message in Push progress dialog)
  • Bug #154021 (Reverse ordering of revisions in Bazaar Log window)


  • Adds merge support in the LogView, now it displays merges in tree-like structure

  • fix to log machinery.
  • add error message for missing bzr-xmloutput
  • fix to avoid repeat the same error when bzr isn't configured properly
  • added auto open of the preference page if the plugin isn't configured properly
  • fix remember handling in pull/push dialog
  • Fix in property page, added filter for untracked projects


  • fix handling of parent location in push and pull dialog (using 'bzr info' related branches section)
  • add checkbox for remember option in pull and push dialog
  • some fixes in the status calculation (for decorators)
  • fix uncommit problem introduced in the previous build
  • Property page (only at Project level) to show the contents of 'bzr info


  • add basic 'bzr update' support
  • adds filtering of commands depending on resource status
  • improvements in the commit dialog


  • fix Bug #141538
  • fix some problems with status calculation and decorator refresh
  • fix problem in move/delete support with added files


  • Improved performance in decorators and now support Text decorations (revno last_author date)
  • new preference page to enable/disable Text decorators
  • Rename and Move/delete support
  • logView improvements (ported from mercurialeclipse)
  • more verbose errors (to ease the bug fix)
  • fix (confirmed) bugs


  • very simple pull and push implementation (before use this feature see Known bugs)
  • added a Browse button to "Branch as new project" wizard
  • compatibility with non-full-SDK versions (like "Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers")


  • some improvements in error handling and error dialogs
  • added a Browse button to "Branch as new project" wizard
  • Eclipse 3.3 compatibility


  • TODO: track changes in each version from the repository.