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  • Quick diff (Bug #172794)

  • Basic missing support (maybe console output, or a simple table or tree showing missing and extra revisions )

  • switch support

  • Non blocking commit dialog (Bug #161930)

  • check in the whole branch and not just the current selected file (Bug #176184)

  • improvements in the new project wizard

  • improvements in the commit dialog

    • allow to set the author
    • multiple project support (all project should belong to the same branch)
    • general GUI improvements (intelligent resize)
  • merge and resolve support

    • allow doing merges
    • if there are conflicts, allow to resolve using a three way merge editor
  • revert dialog (when revert is called from the root of the eclipse project)

    • this 'll popup a dialog with all the files with changes in the project/branch and allow the user to select which files want to revert
  • improvements in the compare integration

    • basically bring consistency to the compare editors, and make them "saveable" when it makes sense, i.e: comparing current with tip
    • this includes the compare between revision from the "History View"
  • xmlrpc-enabled java client (performance boost)

  • Branch from a project

  • Checkout support

  • fix blocker bugs already reported or that may appear before the release.


  • send command support

  • Support for linked resources Bug #220438 (in progress, experimental support in build .205)
  • improvements to the annotate integration, as requested in Bug #220927

  • support for bundles/merge directives (using the apply patch command action?, I need to investigate if it's possible to hook in it.)
  • Integration with Eclipse compare framework ("Compare with..") (in progress)

  • recursive add from the project root

  • add/remove from ignored (in progress)

  • <add another feature/bug>


  • show files/directories affected in a revision in the "History View"
  • show files/directories affected in a revision in the "Missing View"
  • branch as new project wizard (to create a new eclipse project from an existing bzr controled project)
  • improvements in the configuration wizard (the current version is quite rough)
  • packaging for Ubuntu/Debian & Windows

  • <add another feature/bug>


  • Synchronize view (and Bazaar Perpective): this should support local sync and a remote sync (using missing)
  • authentication (Bug #121936)

  • multiple project support in the configuration wizard (Team --> Share Project/s)

  • improve the import wizard
  • <add another feature/bug>


  • Repository exploring
  • tags support?
  • <add another feature/bug>

<1.6.0 ... 2.0.0>?

  • bug squashing
  • Performance tuning