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5. In the ``Name'' field, enter *Bazaar plugin for Eclipse* and in the URL field 5. In the name field, enter *Bazaar plugin for Eclipse* and in the URL field

A plugin for Eclipse that provides integration with Bazaar. It is being developed by Guillermo Gonzalez. The Initial announcement is also available.

The plugin should currently be considered alpha.

See the Launchpad page for a list of branches. The project also has a Homepage.


  1. Launch eclipse
  2. Go to Help --> Software updates --> Find and install (see:
  3. Select Search for new features to install and then --> Next (see:
  4. Click New remote site.
  5. In the name field, enter Bazaar plugin for Eclipse and in the URL field (see:
  6. Verify that the checkbox for the new update site is checked, and click Finish
  7. A dialog with the results should pop-up. (see:
  8. Select the latest version inside bzr-eclipse (actual)
  9. Click Finish, and this will launch a wizard (license agreement, etc).
  10. Restart Eclipse.