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 * fix `Bug #165255`_
 * fix `Bug #164370`_ (diff missing first 5 lines)
 * added revision info in the uncommit dialog (fix `Bug #163849`_)
 * Support whitespace in URI/directory at the "branch from..." wizard(fix `Bug #164714`_)
 * fix a sync problem in BazaarHistoryPage
 * In revert, added refresh of parent folders (of reverted resources)
 * missing support (basic support, a simple table that show extra/missing revisions)
 * fix `Bug #161930`_ (modal commit dialog)
 * fix `Bug #175771`_ (widget disposed error cause by History view)
 * fix `Bug #172794`_ (quick diff support)
 * fix `Bug #176184`_ (check in the whole branch and not just the current selected file)
 * fix `Bug #176191`_ (Change "Username" field to "Email")
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.. _Bug #164370:
.. _Bug #163849:
.. _Bug #164714:
.. _Bug #165255:
.. _Bug #161930:
.. _Bug #175771:
.. _Bug #172794:
.. _Bug #176184:
.. _Bug #176191:
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In builds >= 0.0.14:
 - bzr-xmloutput_ >= 0.2 (or from trunk, revision >= 45)
 - bazaar >= 0.9x recommended (should work with >=0.18, but not tested)
In builds >= 0.0.17:
 - bzr-xmloutput_ >= 0.4 (or the latest code from trunk_)
 - bazaar >= 1.0 recommended
Line 45: Line 45:
.. _trunk:
Line 91: Line 92:
    - missing (basic support, a simple table that show extra/missing revisions)
Line 103: Line 105:
    - Quick diff support

A plugin for Eclipse that provides integration with Bazaar. It is being developed by Guillermo Gonzalez. The Initial announcement is also available.

The plugin should currently be considered alpha.

See the Launchpad page for a list of branches.


New update site url:

Notice: Check the Dependencies section

New build (

  • missing support (basic support, a simple table that show extra/missing revisions)
  • fix Bug #161930 (modal commit dialog)
  • fix Bug #175771 (widget disposed error cause by History view)
  • fix Bug #172794 (quick diff support)
  • fix Bug #176184 (check in the whole branch and not just the current selected file)
  • fix Bug #176191 (Change "Username" field to "Email")


In builds >= 0.0.17:
  • bzr-xmloutput >= 0.4 (or the latest code from trunk)
  • bazaar >= 1.0 recommended
  • Java SDK/JRE >=1.5 (a.k.a Java >=5.0)
  • Eclipse >= 3.2


  1. install the bzr-xmloutput plugin (if you have no idea what I'm talking about please visit the UsingPlugins page for detailed instructions)
  2. Launch eclipse
  3. Go to Help --> Software updates --> Find and install (see: HelpFindAndInstall).
  4. Select Search for new features to install and then --> Next (see: FeatureUpdate).
  5. Click New remote site.
  6. In the name field, enter Bazaar plugin for Eclipse and in the URL field (see: UpdateSitesToVisit).
  7. Verify that the checkbox for the new update site is checked, and click Finish
  8. A dialog with the results should pop-up. (see: UpdateSiteSearchResults)
  9. Select the latest version inside bzr-eclipse (actual)
  10. Click Finish, and this will launch a wizard (license agreement, etc).
  11. Restart Eclipse. Make sure to restart it with "-clean" switch
  12. Go to: Window --> Preferences --> Team --> Bazaar. Enter the path to the bzr executable.
  • To activate decorators go to: Preferences --> General --> Appearence --> Label Decorations and check Bazaar.


  • Implemented commands:
    • add
    • remove
    • revert
    • diff
    • commit (with push after commit and local commit options )
    • uncommit
    • annotate
    • log: History view for files, and a custom Log view for Project (with refresh and "link with selection" buttons)
    • pull/push: Basic support with a popup to enter the url (Don't support authentication aware if a password is required this can hang Eclipse, see: bug 121936)
    • update (very basic)
    • bind/unbind
    • missing (basic support, a simple table that show extra/missing revisions)
  • Supported Eclipse features:
    • Create a branch inside eclipse (actually a new project with a new branch in it)
    • Import a branch as a project (this actually create a new branch which have the specified as parent)
    • Basic (and experimental) support for multiple projects in the same branch (branch below project root)
    • Label decorators, with basic support for Text decorations (revno, last_author and date)
    • Rename and Move/delete support
    • Log view for project level log (ported from mercurialeclipse) with merge support.
    • History View
    • Annotate View (ported from Subclipse)
    • Project property page to show the output of 'bzr info'
    • Top level Bzr menu (available using perspective customization).
    • Quick diff support

Known bugs

  • Commands that require authentication (i.e: pull, push) produce a deadlock hanging Eclipse (be careful with this!) see: bug 121936
  • In a branch command (import a project) there is no URI's validation