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New build (
 * added Checkout Wizard
 * added Branch action to directly branch from a project (fix [ Bug #268254])
 * new !MergeDialog
 * added !ShowLogDialog to !RevisionNumber showLog button
 * now push is executed in background
 * fix Pull/Push actions to correctly handle location (fix [ Bug #267365])
 * new icons
 * added one-time dialog (!UpdateInfodialog) to warn about new dependencies (fix [ Bug #262625])
 * replaced Comments section widget (Text) with !StyledText (fix [ Bug #267924])
New build (
 * Fix [ Bug #264378], [ Bug #258113], [ Bug #271170] and [ Bug #271345]
 * Improved revert support
  * affect the whole branch not only the specified files
  * fix options handling (forget-merges, no backup, etc)
 * Improvements in commit dialog when committing a merge
  * a tabbed panel shows the changed files and the pending merges
  * ignores the unknown resources
Line 32: Line 30:
 * '''Notice''': this build requires the lastest version of xmloutput (>= 0.6.x)  * '''Notice''': this build requires the lastest version of xmloutput (>= 0.7.0)
Line 79: Line 77:
 * A zipped update-site can be downloaded from:  * A zipped update-site can be downloaded from:

bzr-eclipse is a plugin for Eclipse that enables Bazaar support in the Eclipse SDK (JDT and CDT). The plugin should currently be considered alpha.

  • [#News News]
  • [#Status Status]
  • [wiki:BzrEclipse/Roadmap Roadmap]
  • [wiki:BzrEclipse/Screenshots Screenshots]
  • [#Download Download]
  • [wiki:BzrEclipse/Installation Install instructions]
  • [wiki:BzrEclipse/FAQ FAQ]
  • [#Hacking Hacking]
  • [#KnownBugs Known bugs]

  • [wiki:BzrEclipse/ChangeLog Changelog]



New build (



  • Implemented commands:
    • add
    • remove
    • revert (with dialog to choosse which file/s to revert)
    • diff
    • commit (with push after commit and local commit options )
    • uncommit
    • annotate
    • log: History view for files, and a custom Log view for Project (with refresh and "link with selection" buttons)
    • pull/push: Basic support with a popup to enter the url (Don't support authentication aware if a password is required this can hang Eclipse, see: [ Bug #121936])

    • update (very basic)
    • bind/unbind
    • switch
    • missing (basic support, a simple table that show extra/missing revisions)
    • merge support
    • basic resolve support
    • checkout (included lightweight)
  • Supported Eclipse features:
    • Create a branch inside eclipse (actually a new project with a new branch in it)
    • Import a branch as a project (this actually create a new branch which have the specified as parent)
    • Basic (and experimental) support for multiple projects in the same branch (branch below project root)
    • Label decorators, with basic support for Text decorations (revno, last_author and date)
    • Rename and Move/delete support
    • Log view for project level log (ported from mercurialeclipse) with merge support.
    • History View
    • Annotate View (ported from Subclipse)
    • Project property page to show the output of 'bzr info'
    • Top level Bzr menu (available using perspective customization).
    • Quick diff support
  • Other features:
    • support lp: URL's (merge, pull, push, etc)
    • Branch directly from a project (into a new project)





See the [ Launchpad page] for a list of branches. For basic instructions on how to run the plugin for development take a look to the [wiki:BzrEclipse/HowToDebug HowToDebug] page.


Known bugs