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 * [[#News|News]]
 * [[#Status|Status]]
 * [[BzrEclipse/Screenshots|Screenshots]]
[[BzrEclipse/Installation|Install instructions]]
[[#KnownBugs|Known bugs]]
''[[#News|News]]  [[#Status|Status]] [[BzrEclipse/Roadmap|Roadmap]]  [[BzrEclipse/Screenshots|Screenshots]] [[#Download|Download]]  [[BzrEclipse/Installation|Install instructions]]  [[BzrEclipse/FAQ|FAQ]]  [[#Hacking|Hacking]]  [[#KnownBugs|Known bugs]]  [[BzrEclipse/ChangeLog|Changelog]]''

bzr-eclipse is a plugin for Eclipse that enables Bazaar support in the Eclipse SDK (JDT and CDT).

News Status Roadmap Screenshots Download Install instructions FAQ Hacking Known bugs Changelog


1.2.0 release coming soon. (May 2013)

There has been a recent surge in bzr-eclipse development, and we are preparing for a 1.2.0 release with many new features, including:

  • Brand new project creation/branching wizard.
  • Unified history/log view
  • Improved compare and conflict resolution UI.
  • New actions: shelve/unshelve, tag, rebase
  • A host of bug fixes.

New development snapshot build ( (Apr 2009)

  • fixed Bug#269338 Add * should be supported

  • added send dialog (Javier Derderian)
  • Notice: this release depends on bzr-xmloutput >= 0.8.4


  • Implemented commands:
    • add
    • remove
    • revert (with dialog to choosse which file/s to revert)
    • diff
    • commit (with push after commit and local commit options )
    • uncommit
    • annotate
    • log: History view for files, and a custom Log view for Project (with refresh and "link with selection" buttons)
    • pull/push: Basic support with a popup to enter the url (Don't support authentication aware if a password is required this can hang Eclipse, see: Bug #121936)

    • update (very basic)
    • bind/unbind
    • switch
    • missing (basic support, a simple table that show extra/missing revisions)
    • merge support
    • basic resolve support
    • checkout (included lightweight)
    • send
  • Supported Eclipse features:
    • Create a branch inside eclipse (actually a new project with a new branch in it)
    • Import a branch as a project (this actually create a new branch which have the specified as parent)
    • Basic (and experimental) support for multiple projects in the same branch (branch below project root)
    • Label decorators, with basic support for Text decorations (revno, last_author and date)
    • Rename and Move/delete support
    • Log view for project level log (ported from mercurialeclipse) with merge support.
    • History View
    • Annotate View (ported from Subclipse) (and quick diff annotation)
    • Project property page to show the output of 'bzr info'
    • Top level Bzr menu (available using perspective customization).
    • Quick diff support
  • Other features:
    • support lp: URL's (merge, pull, push, etc)
    • Branch directly from a project (into a new project)



bzr-eclipse is developed in Eclipse (naturally) and hosted on Launchpad. In order to contribute you will require a Launchpad login.

For project information visit the bzr-eclipse Launchpad page. Development is closely connected with the bzr-java-lib Java library and the bzr-xmloutput Bazaar plugin (in Python).

To get started, see the Setting up a Dev Environment.

The development team internal processes are tracked at BzrEclipse/DevProcesses.

Known bugs

Please see the launchpad bugs page: