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'''Upcoming 1.3.1 releaseis now available.''' (July 2013) '''Upcoming 1.3.1 release.''' (October 2013)

bzr-eclipse is a plugin for Eclipse that enables Bazaar support in the Eclipse SDK (JDT and CDT).

News | Status | Roadmap | Screenshots | Download | Install instructions | FAQ | Hacking | Known bugs | Changelog


For email updates, subscribe to the bzr-eclipse-users mailing list here:

Upcoming 1.3.1 release. (October 2013)

New & Noreworthy

1.2.1 is now available. (July 2013)

This is a bug fix release. Please see the ChangeLog for more details.

1.2.0 is now available. (June 2013)

We are very excited to announce the release of bzr-eclipse 1.2.0, packed with new features. This release heralds a new era for bzr-eclipse, as the first release in three years, following a recent resurgence in development. To start using it, follow the Install instructions. (Eclipse Marketplace entry coming soon.)

Eclipse Update Site:

The main features are:

  • Brand new project creation/branching wizard.
  • Unified history/log view
  • Improved compare and conflict resolution UI.
  • New actions: shelve/unshelve, tag, rebase
  • A host of bug fixes.

For more details refer to the bzr-eclipse Changelog.

1.2.0 release coming soon. (May 2013)

There has been a recent surge in bzr-eclipse development, and we are preparing for a 1.2.0 release with many new features, including:

  • Brand new project creation/branching wizard.
  • Unified history/log view
  • Improved compare and conflict resolution UI.
  • New actions: shelve/unshelve, tag, rebase
  • A host of bug fixes.

New development snapshot build ( (Apr 2009)

  • fixed Bug#269338 Add * should be supported

  • added send dialog (Javier Derderian)
  • Notice: this release depends on bzr-xmloutput >= 0.8.4


  • Implemented commands:
    • add
    • remove
    • revert (with dialog to choosse which file/s to revert)
    • diff
    • commit (with push after commit and local commit options )
    • uncommit
    • annotate
    • log: History view for files, and a custom Log view for Project (with refresh and "link with selection" buttons)
    • pull/push: Basic support with a popup to enter the url (Don't support authentication aware if a password is required this can hang Eclipse, see: Bug #121936)

    • update (very basic)
    • bind/unbind
    • switch
    • missing (basic support, a simple table that show extra/missing revisions)
    • merge support
    • basic resolve support
    • checkout (included lightweight)
    • send
  • Supported Eclipse features:
    • Create a branch inside eclipse (actually a new project with a new branch in it)
    • Import a branch as a project (this actually create a new branch which have the specified as parent)
    • Basic (and experimental) support for multiple projects in the same branch (branch below project root)
    • Label decorators, with basic support for Text decorations (revno, last_author and date)
    • Rename and Move/delete support
    • Log view for project level log (ported from mercurialeclipse) with merge support.
    • History View
    • Annotate View (ported from Subclipse) (and quick diff annotation)
    • Project property page to show the output of 'bzr info'
    • Top level Bzr menu (available using perspective customization).
    • Quick diff support
  • Other features:
    • support lp: URL's (merge, pull, push, etc)
    • Branch directly from a project (into a new project)



bzr-eclipse is developed in Eclipse (naturally) and hosted on Launchpad. In order to contribute you will require a Launchpad login.

For project information visit the bzr-eclipse Launchpad page. Development is closely connected with the bzr-java-lib Java library and the bzr-xmloutput Bazaar plugin (in Python).

To get started, see the Setting up a Dev Environment.

For how we work, check out bzr-eclipse Development Processes.

Known bugs

Please see the launchpad bugs page: