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Bazaar Development Roadmap

Bazaar makes a release every month, and a major release every six months. The major releases preserve a stable API and are supported by bugfix-only updates at least until the next major release. (See the Release Cycles document for more details.)

What's still to be done for 2.1 (rc in February 2010)?

  • Mostly not new features, but stabilization and improvement of what's already there.
  • Enabling Ubuntu Distributed Development to the extent that Launchpad can automatically do nightly builds combining upstream and packaging information into a PPA, specifically by:

    • Reduced memory usage for foreign-branch imports
    • Improving bzr-git/hg/svn
    • Digging into current import failures

User-visible changes in bzr 2.1:

For 2.2, targeted at Ubuntu MM 10.10, ~August 2010 (still under discussion):

  • Nested trees, in a way that interoperates with git submodules and svn externals (maybe 2.1 or 2.2)
    • ... including support in the foreign-branch plugins
  • All-round smarter merges and conflict resolution

Ongoing responsibilities:

  • Continuing fixes into the 2.0 stable branch
    • and getting binaries of 2.0.x out and into Ubuntu SRUs
  • The PatchPilot rotation, to help people improve Bazaar

  • Discretionary development (individual developers scratching their own itches)
  • Answering open user questions

  • Answering questions on the mailing list
  • Making monthly beta and stable releases
  • Maintaining binary builds on Ubuntu and Windows
  • Keeping the Babune test farm green.

As of November 2009, the 2.0 series is our bugfix-only stable series, and the 2.1 series is in beta, targeting a release in February 2010, in time for Ubuntu Lucid.

You can have input into this by adding your opinion on the ThreeWishes page.