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=== scm-manager ===
scm-manger is web git,mercurial,subversion and bazaar repository manager. But have a bug


Loggerhead is the main web interface used for Bazaar:

Loggerhead is used by Launchpad—for example, the Bazaar development history may be seen here.

Loggerhead is meant to be integrated into an Apache web service.


Trac is a web app that integrates a version control viewer, an issue tracker and a wiki. trac+bzr is an extension for Trac so that its viewer can show Bazaar branches.

Examples: BitlBee


Lukáš Lalinský created small web browser for bzr branches. The bzr source repository is at:


A simple PHP script to list the content of bzr branches that can be installed as a user on a remote server (e.g. university web page). Webbzr can navigate through normal and versioned directories and get specific revisions. Files in the branch are displayed in the browser while binaries can be downloaded straight from the branch.


Redmine is a flexible project management web application. Written using Ruby on Rails framework, it has native support for Bazaar branches.



Chris McCormick's trunk:

Joachim Nilsson's branch (originally to support the Bazaar 0.15 API):

bzrweb can run as a CGI under Apache or as a standalone server.


Goffredo Baroncelli created a port of the Mercurial web interface. This project appears to be defunct, as the original branches and webpages are no longer accessible. However, Launchpad still has a cache of the last available code (two branches from July 2007 and March 2008) at:

bzr-webserve is designed to integrate directly with the bzr client.


scm-manger is web git,mercurial,subversion and bazaar repository manager. But have a bug